Design & Integration

To capitalize on new markets and new
opportunities, commitments are made to
both internal and external constituencies.
Our job is to help you make sure you
don’t make promises you can’t keep.
Inforce Technologies has learned through
experience that a strong application
foundation is critical for expediting your
new development environment [...]

Migrations &

Successful migrations and conversions
are most often measured by time, budget
and scope and require a team with broad
experience and skill in both planning and
execution. Conversely, unsuccessful
migrations and conversions are often due
to a lack of qualified [...]

Root Cause &
Defect Remediation

Assessments, benchmarks and baselines
can provide excellent insights into the
current performance state of your
environment. At Inforce Technologies,
our root cause analysis and diagnostic
work drives significant insight into the
“why’s” of your current state as well
as delivering [...]

& Baselining

Completing comprehensive performance
assessments including baselining and
benchmarking are critical to allow
technology leaders identify both
opportunities and risks in their
current environments [...]

Transfer & Training

When clients tell us of their
experiences with our competition, we
often think about the “invited guest
that just won’t leave”. We frequently
here stories of integration partners
that seem more focused on “staying”
than in completing a successful project
and moving on. At Inforce Technologies,
we pride ourselves in completing a
successful project [...]


These case overviews are merely the tip of the iceberg. Listing everything we’ve done and everything we can do would make this website longer and wordier than it already is. And nobody wants that. So call us. Give us your challenge. Even in the off chance it’s something we haven’t tackled before, with some of the best minds in the business on our team, it’s likely something we can do. And do well.




The Inforce Technologies & OneShield Partner Alliance

Inforce Technologies has enjoyed an alliance with OneShield that dates back to 2009 with over 14 projects completed to date. In 2014, Inforce Technologies was selected as a OneShield Gold Partner for the Spring OneShield Client Conference.
The reason is simple. Inforce Technologies provides insurance companies with best-in-class implementation and integration support for the OneShield product suite.

It is normal for OneShield to focus on the software configuration and application implementation, but this typically covers only a portion of what companies may need to accomplish changing business objectives over the project lifecycle. We work with insurers to align these technology solutions with business goals to reduce the risks of the implementation and deliver the project on time and within budget.

We have a highly skilled team of developers who are trained and certified on the OneShield platform and have been engaged in numerous high profile and successful projects. We understand OneShield’s strengths and flexibility, and are experienced in providing OneShield software support at small, mid-sized, and large insurers.

Inforce Technologies is a valued and trusted partner of OneShield. Their sole focus on insurance combined with their steadfast commitment to delivering successful engagements makes them a partner of choice for ongoing system integration work, product enhancements and delivery capabilities. They have one of the strongest and most knowledgeable OneShield development teams in the marketplace, providing an additional lens of expertise and insight into every OneShield engagement.
Glenn Anschutz , Chief Executive Officer OneShield

The Inforce Technologies – Salesforce Certified Team

Technology-driven disruption is accelerating across the global marketplace, and company CIOs are tasked to deliver an increasingly complex set of objectives. They must deliver IT that can support and enhance revenue-creation capabilities to provide sustainable stakeholder return. As a business imperative, this translates into a focus on customer experience management that incorporates product innovation and investment in customer-facing business processes as well as new business development. Many CIO’s have turned to Salesforce, the global leader in CRM,  to help them as they look to create improved communications and opportunities with both customers and prospects across their organizations, ultimately driving deeper engagements and more opportunity.  At Inforce Technologies we recognized this need and in 2015 began building out a Salesforce Service and Support team to help our clients maximize their CRM investments.

From our experience, we know that success on the Salesforce Platform requires a business partner that works hard to understand the uniqueness of your business, the key functionalities you need to drive that business, and a constant willingness to listen and adapt. As your salesforce partner, we have a team of certified developers and administrators able to address your business requirements.

Let Inforce Technologies be your Customer Relationship Management business partner that you can count on today and tomorrow.
Our services include:

Certified Administrator Services

We are here to enable, train, and support your Salesforce user base with remote and on-site support to meet your team’s needs.

  • Advanced Salesforce Administration: User maintenance, Custom Record Type, Field, and Page Layout Changes, Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Approval Processes etc.

  • End User Support: Accessibility, and general troubleshooting

  • Reporting capabilities: Create, edit, and manage reports and dashboards

  • Data Quality: Release Preparation, Quarterly Data Reviews, Duplicate Checking, etc.

  • Salesforce & Business Process Support: Analysis, Design, Implementation

  • Production Support: Execution and high level troubleshooting of system availability and usability issues

  • Training: Administrator Training, New User Onboarding, End User Training

  • Advanced Planning & Strategy:  Platform releases, upgrades & critical events

Certified Application Development Services

Been there, Done that!  Our team of Salesforce developers can help you get the most out our your existing Salesforce Platform, today! We get in, and we get out!  And you achieve quick wins!

  • Apex and Visualforce Support: Isolate, diagnose, and fix configuration and development related issues

  • Defining data models, reports, and other data needs for end users

  • Data migrations and data clean-up, de-duplication, etc. through Data Loader and similar tools (ETL)

  • Business Analysis/Configuration Support: Support and implementation of business rules through workflow configuration, approval processes, and other out of box features

  • Build and maintain integration points to other Cloud or on premise systems

  • Assess, install, and maintain leading AppExchange solutions to support business needs

  • Maintain and enhance Apex and Visualforce customizations